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Corporate and social responsibility as a life statement – Living my life purpose

This means to me: Living a responsible and conscious life, knowing my own strengths and preferences and using them in a creative way to generate the (financial) means for the life i want to live.

In spring 2013 I finished my avocational studies in applied ethics at the University of Zurich. By then I was working for 23 years in the financial industry. Since February 2013 I took a break from the “full-time office life”, to devote my time to other sustainable projects. My priorities are projects on the topics of sustainable, responsible banking and avoiding food waste.

What else is to know

I am Zen student, yoga teacher, trained private banker, strategy consultant, ethicist, certified wine connoisseur, coach, bridge builder, life artist, life consultant and young entrepreneur consultant and, most recently also drawing student (and probably much more). But above all I am curious about life and want to learn new things again and again.

I have the good fortune to meet people who support me and inspire me. This I want to share and I want to encourage others to life the life they dream of.